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Put Your Best Smile Forward with Our iTero Element® 5D imaging system Scanner

Put Your Best Smile Forward with Our iTero Element® 5D imaging system Scanner

Here at Ardsley Dental Spa, Dr. Hinna Chaudhry and our team are committed to staying current with the latest technologies, the best practices, and the most comfortable and effective treatments for patients. 

It’s because of this commitment to excellence that we offer the latest technology 一 including the iTero® Element® 5D imaging system 一 here in Ardsley, New York.

Below, Dr. Chaudhry discusses what this scanner can do and how it helps you achieve the smile of your dreams.

What is the iTero scanner?

The iTero Element® 5D imaging system is a digital scanner that provides highly detailed and accurate images of the inside of your mouth. The scanner produces 3D images, and because the images are projected on a screen, you can see what’s going on with your dental health. 

The iTero Element® 5D imaging system scanners have been used to create nearly 43 million scans, for both restorative procedures and orthodontic treatment. 

iTero Element® 5D imaging system scanner and restorative procedures

As an intraoral scanner, the images produced with the iTero Element® 5D imaging system scanner are useful if you need:

The scanner provides accurate 3D models of your teeth, and these images can be used to fabricate your restorative appliances. This completely eliminates the need for messy impressions. 

Physical molds can be problematic for individuals with a strong gag reflex, and digital scanning eliminates the unpleasant step of taking molds. Additionally, scans can be sent quickly and easily, eliminating the need to mail physical impressions to the lab.

iTero Element® 5D imaging system scanner and orthodontic treatment

Are you considering orthodontic treatment? Thanks to the iTero scanner, Invisalign® has never been easier. The scanner is an integral tool when it comes to treatment planning. The outcome simulator can even show you the possibilities of Invisalign before you receive your first tray.

The 3D models of your teeth depict your current orthodontic status, your progress (assuming you’re diligent about wearing your trays), and your projected results. Seeing what your teeth might look like can be a great motivator when you're working your way through your trays. 

As with restorative procedures, the iTero scanner produces 3D models that eliminate the need to take messy physical impressions.

Benefits of the iTero Element® 5D imaging system scanner

One of the biggest advantages of using intraoral scanners is the ease with which models of your mouth are produced. No goop, no gag reflex, no possible errors from a bad impression! 

Other advantages of iTero Element® 5D imaging system scanners include the ability to:

In short, iTero Element® 5D imaging system provides more comfortable, more accurate, and more efficient scanning so you can get the smile you want.

If you’re ready to experience the iTero Element® 5D imaging system scanner for yourself (or any of our other dental technologies), call us at 914-348-9815 or request your visit online today.

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