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Why Dental Implants Are So Popular for Replacing Missing Teeth

Are you considering your options for replacing a missing tooth? Living with gaps or dealing with dentures aren’t your only options.

Dental implants are functional and beautiful replacements for missing teeth, and they continue to grow in popularity. Nearly half a million Americans receive implants each year.

If you’re embarrassed about a missing tooth, consider the benefits of a dental implant. Dr. Hinna Chaudhry and our team at Ardsley Dental Spa offer dental implants here in Ardsley, New York. Read on to explore seven reasons why dental implants are so popular. 

1. Restore form and function 

Dental implants restore the form and function of your smile. Implants are aesthetically pleasing, but they also give you the ability to speak clearly and eat comfortably.

2. Provide full coverage 

Dental implants can replace a single tooth, but you can still receive dental implants even if you’re missing all of your teeth. With All-on-4® implants, you receive full dentures with each arch anchored to four posts within your jawbone. 

3. Reduce risk of bone atrophy

Normally, your tooth roots stimulate your jawbone to grow, but when your natural tooth is lost, it’s common for your jawbone to shrink. This is called jawbone atrophy. Not only is the integrity of your jawbone at risk, but your surrounding teeth can start to shift and fill in the gap.

Dental implants help you maintain your jaw integrity and prevent the resorption of bone because the implant post stimulates your jawbone to keep growing. As a result, your remaining teeth don’t shift out of place and your jaw shape won’t change due to bone loss.

4. Look and feel natural 

Dental implants look and feel natural. You smile with confidence, knowing that no one even knows you have implants — unless you tell them. And implants allow you to eat normally. No need to worry about dentures that shift out of place while you try to eat corn on the cob or steak.

Even cleaning your implant is just like cleaning your natural teeth. There’s no need to remove or soak your implant! 

5. Offer a durable solution

Thanks to the process of osseointegration (in which your implant fuses with your jawbone), your new dental implant forms a strong and sturdy foundation. With continual oral care and routine dental visits, dental implants can last 20 years or more!

6. Maintain integrity of surrounding teeth

A dental implant replaces your missing tooth without endangering any of your surrounding teeth. When you get a bridge, for instance, the teeth surrounding the gap must be filed down to support the bridge. A dental implant gathers strength from the implant post, not your natural teeth.

7. Improve self-esteem

One of the most alluring benefits of dental implants is their ability to boost your self-esteem. If the thought of giving a speech or talking to colleagues while missing a tooth is embarrassing, dental implants can restore your confidence in your smile.

Restore your smile with dental implants

Here at Ardsley Dental Spa, we offer several types of dental implants, including endosteal implants, subperiosteal implants, and All-on-4 implants. During your consultation, Dr. Chaudhry reviews your oral health and suggests the right type of implant for you. 

To explore your implant options, call us at 914-348-9815 or schedule your visit online today.

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